Our Background 

Cambodian entrepreneurs encounter various obstacles such as limited access to finance, business support, human capital, and markets. In response to these challenges, the Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC), an entrepreneurship-support organization, established the CJCC Accelerator Program (CJAP) in 2018. The program aims to address these challenges by partnering with Cambodian business associations, skilled business owners, Cambodian and Japanese mentors and lecturers, and a Japanese crowdfunding platform.

The Purpose and Content of the program

The CJAP program is to grow the investment ready entrepreneurs through providing the business capacity development as well as creating the fundraising opportunities with Cambodian Business Association, impact investors and Japanese Companies.  To achieve the program’s objectives, we design the program into two main phases:

About First Phase's Activities

One-on-one Mentoring

Business professionals from CJAP mentor network provide mentoring based on a request from the participants.

Pitching Practice Session 

The program design this session with the purpose of 

Training And Sharing Sessions

Exchange knowledge and experience with Cambodian business owners.

About Second Phase's Activities

Online Demo Day 

Japan Visit 

Opportunities to join one week Japan visit to accelerate your business by looking for potential investors and potential business collaborators supported by CJCC coordinators, trainers and mentors.

Business matching and Fundraising support